Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hoopers in SLO

I was visiting Mitchel Park in San Luis Obispo CA when 2 hoopers showed up. I grabbed a few photos. I was depressed that I didn't have my hoop with me. I came by train and had to limit what I brought to what I could carry by myself. If only I had a collapsible hoop. I asked the hoopers if they had regular meetings or if I could come back the next day with a hoop and she said they more or less just show up on a whim. Oh well. It was kind of demoralizing when I walked up to say hello and a little girl there said, "Are you their mother."

Also, I was by the Monday club and saw a woman carrying about 20 hoops into the building. Hers was the only car in the parking lot so maybe she was having a rehearsal or preparing for a class later that night.

The last time I was at a Monday club event was for a belly dancing workshop about 25 years ago. Time flies.

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