Friday, January 9, 2009

People Who Don't Clean Up After Their Dogs

Did I tell you how annoyed I am with the neighbors upstairs? Before they moved in, I could grab my hoop, walk out my front door, and hoop on the front lawn that all the apts. share. Then my neighbor's got a chijuajua. At first they were good about cleaning up after the dog, and then they had a baby. Now they've figured out how to open the front door, let the dog out unsupervised, let it poop whenever, and then run back upstairs. So now no one cleans up the poop. I can't even cross my front lawn, let alone hoop on it.
Once I was even in the front yard with a shovel cleaning up after their dog, and even then they didn't get a clue. They just glanced at me and kept going. Ugh.
The gardeners don't clean it up either, they just mow around it.

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