Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Made a New Hoop

On the 4th of July I really wanted to take the two hoops I'd made to the potluck so everyone could enjoy them. I kept asking my boyfriend to put them in the truck as we were preparing but as fate would have it, it was only at the last minute that we went out to the garage to get them. I could see them, I could touch them.  But there was no way they were coming out of the garage.

About six months ago our hot water heater flooded the garage. Everything had to be dragged out into the alley while a worker installed a new one.  Then it started to pour. So everything got thrown back in all helter skelter.   So the the hoops went in behind the industrial sewing machine and the work bench.  Somewhere down on the floor something is sitting through the hoops.  I was bummed. It was looking like not only was I not going to get to hoop on the 4th of July, but it was beginning to look like I'd miss the whole summer.

During the flood, the leftover tubing ended up on the patio.  Either yesterday or at some point, I realized I could make a new hoop without too much hassle.  I still had 2 connectors. I still had tape.  So today I made one after watching a video by hooper Safire. Of course now it's too humid out and I'm too tired to use it but at least it's ready to use. And I love the metallic sheen of the red strapping tape.

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